Frequently asked questions

There’s a lot at work in a Legacy account. Get the answers to the top questions new customers ask us.

Getting to know Legacy

No, you do not give up control when you set the Legacy platform to be revocable. You keep as much control as you want. As the creator of the account, you retain the power to change beneficiaries, and add or withdraw cash at anytime up to delivery of gifts.

Yes, you do give up control when you set your account to be irrevocable. From then onward your decisions become irreversible. However, you then gain protections against creditors and taxes.

We recommend you speak to a financial advisor, to determine what is best for your particular situation.

You can have content immediately distributed to family, or you can schedule it to be delivered on a specific date in the future.

Alternately, you can turn on “content dripping.” This feature allows our artificial intelligence to analyze the data you and your family have given us, and for us to automate the distribution of content for you. As we collect more data from your family, we expect this feature to become more and more effective. At once, it frees you to simply focus on uploading meaningful content, and for your family to benefit from a “richer” likeness of you as technology evolves.

On average, borrowers receive their funds within 5 days of accepting a “gift” from you.



Getting Started

While not required, we strongly recommend you seek advice of a financial advisor before committing funds to the Legacy platform. While we try to educate on our website, we acknowledge upfront that the information we provide may not be appropriate for your particular circumstance.

No, you can typically setup an account in less than 15 minutes online, without speaking to anyone.

At Legacy, we respect your privacy. We don’t collect or profit from your data. No sales calls. We are a closed platform, and offer no options for sharing beyond your family or confidential advisors.



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