Plan —
your estate

Stop paying thousands in fees.

When you open a free Legacy account, you are also creating a Totten trust, or Payable On Death account, designed to transfer assets from your estate without interference from a probate court. You can close the account, withdraw some or all of the funds, or change how assets will be distributed at any time. Deposits are FDIC-insured, up to $1.5 milllion.

Prefund expenses

Make sure funds are available immediately for emergencies, for your family to pay living, medical and funeral expenses. We manage delivery of funds.

Give money over time

Add a large amount of money to your Legacy account, and we will send it to your family in small increments on future birthdays and special occasions. 

Version 2

Shield gifts from creditors.

Legacy can help high-risk professionals such as doctors, attorneys, architects, engineers, developers, and business owners. Make one change in your account, and it changes to a self-settled spendthrift trust in Nevada, which is also known as an asset protection trust. It's still free, with all the same features. Only now your account is out of reach of most creditors. 

Protect emergency funds

Most creditors cannot penetrate or attach any funds in your account. It's an extra layer of protection between you and your future predators and creditors.

Set it and forget it

Once you make the switch, you can no longer withdraw funds, or change how assets will be distributed. There is also a two year holding period before the protections kick in, and you can't protect against known threats.

How does it work?


You create time capsules for future emergencies.

Add money to a time capsule, to prefund expenses, or give money to your family over time. 


You configure each time capsule.

Do you want maximum flexibility to change your mind, or maximum protection from creditors?  


We serve as your trustee.

We control and safe keep your assets, distribute assets according to your wishes, and maintain records of disbursements.

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Legacy for Advisors

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