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Attract and engage aging parents and their children on our platform, with easy to build apps.

How it works


 1. Sign up for free account


2. Describe your business


3. Create service packages


4. We handle advertising and payments

Detailed reports and statements

Get a rich sales-earning report, analytics and statement which helps you track every bit of your business and improve upon it.

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We share revenue

Our interests are aligned, since we only make money if you make money. We keep 12% of revenues. In exchange, we take care of advertising your product on our platform, and manage all payments to you.

Welcome to the Developer Center

We offer a robust developer toolset for accessing content and connections of your clients, with their permission. You have the full freedom to create any kind of service, ranging from one-time downloads, to perpetual subscriptions. Contact us to get access to our getting started guide, tutorials to help you understand common use cases, and an API Reference to document the robust features and functionality of our RESTful API.

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