Help your parents build a family legacy

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Do it yourself, for free.

Caring for aging parents, while raising your own children? Welcome to the sandwich generation. We want to become your trusted partner on this journey. First, we give you an online lockbox, to gather your parents' legal, financial and medical documents, and contact information for any accountants and lawyers. Second, we give you a private social network, to connect with your entire family about confidential topics, and collect family stories. Third, we curate the best how-to articles for handling life's transitions.


Or do it with our help.

If you want, we can also help you stop the flow of paperwork. We can preschedule personalized messages and gifts, for your parents to send your family, for years to come. We can ensure the right people have access to their data, while they stay in control. We can setup an escrow for them, to prefund future expenses, without triggering estate taxes. We can eliminate their paper bills, and help them manage bills online. We can give them an easy way to manage their passwords and website logins, with emergency access. We also give you tools to create a budget, and forecast expenses for them.

Or we can do it for you.

Managing the estate of a loved one is an important, and time-consuming, responsibility. At any time, your parents can also name us co-executor, alongside you, to relieve you from all the paperwork, taxes, and eventual distribution of assets. We can also maintain appraisals of illiquid property, in order to determine their cash value and streamline the paperwork.


And we understand privacy

  • Your data is yours, not ours. Import, export, and delete content at any time. If you delete content it's gone forever.
  • Unless you share specific data with family or third parties, no one will ever see anything.
  • We are a closed network. We offer no options for sharing publicly, or to friends of friends.
  • We rely on the login security of Google and Facebook, but do not collect or share anything beyond email addresses.


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