Introducing Legacy, a new service that helps you schedule future gifts to your family, right from your phone or desktop.


Always be there to give gifts and financial assistance to your family.

Put gifting on autopilot

Setup gifts to family, that will recur over many years. Such as for birthdays, holidays, or special events. Gifts can be delivered as money, or directed toward items on wish lists, such as toys and educational expenses.

Let family borrow against future gifts

Provide your family with a safety net for education costs, everyday living expenses, medical and dental costs, or starting up a new business. We handle the logistics of loans, and give you control of interest rates and penalties.

Works with any estate plan.

Our platform provides financial advisors with many options to personalize tax efficiency of gifts, protect your assets, let you choose how to invest funds until they're paid out, and set triggers for payouts.


Our mission is to build 100 generation wealth.

Legacy is your technology partner for family estate planning. We work with your existing legal and tax advisors, and bring your family into the mix. We provide the toolset for you to be your family’s stress buffer, family watchdog, roots, arbitrator, and supporter, long after you leave this world. We then help your children and grandchildren build on your legacy.

Backed by the U.S. government.

We invest your money in bonds backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government, and ensure it gets to your family through a living will.

You pay nothing, zilch, nada.

Unless you opt into one of our premium services, we charge you nothing. We don't charge any monthly, transaction, deposit or withdrawal fees.

How does it work?


Connect with family, and involve them.

Each member of your family manages their personal preferences, ensuring your gifts get delivered, and are appreciated.


Set preferences and triggers for gifts.

Schedule tax-efficient money transfers and personal gifts to your family, that complement your estate planning.


Let family borrow against future gifts.

Provide a safety net, and help build your family's credit, by letting them borrow against your future gifts.

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